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Meet the Gibsons

Keith, Cyndy, and their daughter Veronica



How the house came to be

Stone Lantern House was born out of equal parts love, luck and creative vision. When Cyndy’s parents asked to move in to escape the frigid Montana winters, she and her husband Keith knew they had to get creative. They raised the idea of buying a home for her parents to winter in and renting it out during the summer when they were back in Montana, but her father resisted.  “Oh no, that’s way too much trouble, plus we love your view.” 


Thus plans were hatched for renovating their garage into a large suite. In the meantime, a lot on the other side of the island came up for sale. It seemed too good to be true— a magical piece of property close by with views, trees growing out of the rocks and mosses that carpeted the forest floor. In that moment, Cyndy and Keith were inspired by a crazy idea— they would build a house for her parents that would be so unique it would also attract visitors from all over to Sitka to stay there. The couple devised their plan, but kept it secret.  


After three years and many promises to meet with a contractor who would transform their garage, Cyndy’s parents flew to Sitka to help start the long-awaited renovation. When they arrived, Cyndy took them on a tour of their “neighbor’s” new unfinished home and asked if her parents might prefer renting it in the winters rather than live in their renovated garage. They asked if she thought the owners would be willing to do that. Cyndy replied, “Yes, I think it’s possible. In fact you actually know the owners.”  


“We do?” After a long pause, their eyes widened and jaws dropped in disbelief. Cyndy’s mom didn’t miss a beat. “Forget that old garage, we’ll take this place.”

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